Acerca de HK3W - Siso

Licensed since 1991 as HJ3SGP, a year later thanks to my license upgrade I was granted HK3SGP. In 2006 I changed my callsign to HK3W. Also during several years I was active on contests and activities using my special callsign 5K3W. As of today I have the following awards: Phone DXCC Honor Roll, Mixed DXCC Honor Roll, WPX 160Mts Award of Excellence (Plaque) (First on HK) DXCC (CW-RTTY-SSB), 5BWAC, 8BWAZ, 10BDXCC, 9BWAS, TPA#223, #1 on HK, WAZ RTTY #1 HK, WAS-FT4 and FT8, A1 Operators Club, WPX SSB, WPX MIXED, WPX Honor Roll Digital, WPX HR Mixed, WPX HR CW, WPX HR SSB; ARRL DXCC Challenge (2728), DXCC Mobile (#1 South America #1 HK), Sponsor of more than 80 world wide DXPeditions or groups. (See my Active member of ARRL (Life Member), ARLHS, LoTW, Araucaria DX Group A1Op.Club, As of today I have credited on ARRL's DXCC more than 328 confirmed entities on CW and more than 331 confirmed and credited on Digital (RTTY), this puts me on the first Colombian Hamradio Operator to obtain this position ever. My others calls: 5K3W, 5K0W, 5K3MDC, 9H1GP

Para mis Amigos del DX! #DX #Hamr #Hamradio

Me gustaría decirles a mis amigos del DX:

Si no pueden copiar / descifrar el DX, por favor no llamen. Usted solo está aumentando el ruido y no tiene posibilidad de trabajar con él si no puede copiarlo. Espere hasta que la propagación le traiga su señal.


For my DX friends #DX #Hamr #Hamradio

I’d like to tell my DX friends:

If they can’t copy / decipher the DX please don’t call.!! You are just adding to the noise, and you have no chance of working with it if you can’t copy it.

Wait until the propagation brings you your signal.


3Y0J Bouvet Band notes, (simplified DXing)

Here are some notes to improve your chances of working DX, not just Bouvet. The key words are LISTEN, PATIENCE, LISTEN.

For Bouvet, there WILL be pileups that have not been seen in a generation (#2 worldwide, 23 year span since the last team was there, the last hope for many). It WILL require patience and your endurance.

The Bouvet team has stated that there will be FT8 (F/H ONLY) 24/7 on 60-10M. However, they will only use 100 watts so IF (when) they fully use the F/H mode with multiple streams, they will quickly fall into the QRP range. This WILL affect ALL stations (big guns and pop guns alike). Patience, patience and more patience.

Again, F/H mode ONLY; if you don’t know how to use this mode of FT8, ASK NOW for some help!

THEY will hear well, the only local noise they’ll have was brought with them. So if you are limited to 100 watts and a wire or antenna with little to no gain, do what you can (with a LOT of patience; the pileups will be EPIC and not in a good way). Wait until YOU hear (decode) THEM consistently before calling (or simply put, you’re a lid or worse, a DQRMer).

[A day of ATNO only MIGHT happen, the team has discussed it. They have the tools to manage this. Patience!]

PLEASE follow the DX Code Of Conduct. It’s clear to everyone, worldwide, when you don’t.

Here are some usual DXing requests (or the Dave Letterman top 10 annoyances list?):

  • LISTEN to the instructions of the operator. They WILL be listening split (phone/CW).
  • DO not call if you are not in the region the DX has their attention on (NA, AF, EU, AS, OC).
  • If you CANNOT HEAR the DX, then you DO NOT TRANSMIT. No blind calling, it’s worse than pointless if you can’t hear, you’re causing others to miss their chance. Show some courtesy!
  • Be mindful that YOU are in split mode (non-F/H modes). Quickly correct if you are not.
  • If you MUST tune up (amp or antenna) DO NOT USE THE DX transmit FREQUENCY. EVER. (Split up/down THEN tune)
  • If you do not hear the DX call a portion OF YOUR CALL, then SHUT UP until it’s time to make a call again. LISTEN.
  • WHEN in doubt, LISTEN again (are you seeing a theme here?). If they were calling you, they’ll repeat the call.
  • UP cops (spleet!) are unwanted/unnecessary, there is already a crowd of lids standing by to take care of that.
  • WHEN calling, give YOUR call ONLY, using STANDARD PHONETICS then (answering ONLY when you heard your call correctly) the REPORT; that is ALL the DX wants to hear. (They don’t care about your name, location or shoe size.)
  • ID machine stations (constantly calling) increases the chance of being ignored (because they are obviously not listening!)

For those that seek their band plan in their email for reference; NOTE that it is not always an exact frequency but is a range (in part for pileup management). The following is courtesy of 425 DX News (if needed, you can cut and reformat, email programs hash up the format):

According to the information published on the DXpedition’s website, the band plan for 3Y0J is as follows:

160m 1820-1826.5-1835 – – –
80m 3510-3540 – – >3600
60m 5351.5-5356 5356 – –
40m 7025-7040 7064 – >7120
30m 10105-10125 10144 – –
20m 14010-14040 14105 14125 >14225
17m 18074-18089 18090 & 18107 – >18120
15m 21010-21040 21105 21125 >21225
12m 24895-24910 24921 – >24925
10m 28010-28040 28086 – >28400

On CW and SSB the operators will choose a frequency within the spectrum and limit the split to max 15 kHz and 30 kHz, respectively. The team will work closely together with their pilots, and if they see that something is not working, they will do adjustments.

73 and GL

3Y0C Bouvet December 2000 to January 2001 Clublog Log search #3y0c #Bouvet

Plan de banda 3Y0J / Directrices #3y0j #Bouvet

Esta será su configuración inicial y trabajará en estrecha colaboración con todas las estaciones piloto, y si ven que algo no funciona, se realizarán ajustes.

Tenga en cuenta lo siguiente:

  • 160m será solo en CW.
  • 80m será CW/SSB
  • Entonces no habra FT8 en 160/80m.
  • Permiso especial hasta 1500W en CW/SSB.
  • Siempre mantendrá libres los 10 kHz más bajos en las bandas regulares y los 5 kHz más bajos en las bandas WARC para permitir el tráfico DX regular.
  • La división de CW se limitará a un espectro de 15 kHz y un espectro telefónico de 30 kHz.
  • RTTY estará en 1-2 bandas 14125 y 21125 kHz.
  • CW/SSB tendrá prioridad sobre los modos digitales.

FT8 será solo F/H, 4 estaciones destinadas a funcionar 24/7 con 100W. Las 4 estaciones FT8 pueden ser controladas por 1 operador, o cada estación FT8 puede ser controlada individualmente por un operador en modo SSB/CW (SO2R).

FT8 estará en 40-10m funcionando a 100W, pero concéntrese en usar 7 x yagis 20-10m.

Han elegido frecuencias FT8/RTTY que dan mejor separación de bandas, y también para evitar las frecuencias más públicas que pueden estar ocupadas por otras expediciones DX en modo F/H.

Se han actualizado las frecuencias de 60 m, potencialmente 60 m durante los últimos días. No hay ninguna promesa para 60m, pero si pueden, lo harán.

Han acordado con Crozet DXpedition que ejecuta FT8 en 10131 y Bouvet en 10140 kHz.

Announcing Dxpedition to Temotu Province Oct 31 – Nov 14th, 2023

The Intrepid-DX Group is pleased to announce that we will activate H40 Temotu Province from October 31st to November 14th, 2023 as H40WA.

We have assembled a team of eight operators to make a fifteen-day activation of this entity. Temotu Province ranks #45 on Clublog’s most wanted DXCC list.

Team members include: Rob N7QT, Paul N6PSE, Sandro VE7NY, Jun OE1JUN/JH4RHF, Heye DJ9RR, Laci HA0NAR and Arliss W7XU and Walt N6XG. We will make a significant effort on the low bands during this activation. We will use 1500 watts on the 80/160 meter bands. We will use CW/SSB and FT8 Fox/Hound modes.

The H40WA Temotu 2023 team appreciates any and all sponsors and donors who wish to support our mission. You may donate via PayPal to intrepiddxgroup or a donation to the Intrepid-DX Group 3052 Wetmore Dr, San Jose, CA USA. You can follow our plans from our website and the Temotu 2023 Facebook pages.

Our website:

Thank you,

Rob Fanfant N7QT Co-Leader

Paul Ewing N6PSE Co-Leader

My QSO´s with TN8K Republic of the Congo «tn8k #dx #Hk3wShack


Malta 9H Operation 2023

The Marconi Radio Circle and Central Radio Amateur Circle will be setting up a joint station in Imtarfa, Malta for five days in October 2023. The two clubs will sort out the day-to-day running of the station.

The event is open top any full licence holder who has a passport, a full licence is required to operate in Malta.

Operators from England will need to organise their own travel and hotels. All you need to visit Malta is a current passport.

After flights and hotels, there is a small running cost for the station of twenty-five euros each to cover electricity, water and drinks.

Operations will be between 10am to 5pm, with a rota in place. The option of a last night will be available if required.

Contact Martin, G1TYV for more information

Amateur Radio – Hamradio

Ham Radio Operators Are The Original Social Media Network, Connecting People All Over The World With Just A Radio And An Antenna.

FT8WW Crozet Log

Actualizado log online FT8WW con 3.684 Qso —>

WAAA Worked All Australia Award 40Mts FT8 #FT8 #Hk3wShack #40mts #hamr


My QSOs with 3D2AG/P Rotuma Is.


FT8WW Crozet Is Info Log #1

First log received, but will not be on Clublog before tonight (my time). Busy with Xmas family celebrations.
73 F6EXV and the Crozet Team

Today from 3Y0J Bouvet Is 2023 DXpedition #3y0j #Bouvet #hamradio #hamr #dx #Hk3wShack


3Y0J QSLs👇 #qsl #3y0j #hamr #hamradio #dx

Proyecto Bouvet 2023 al Dia

Asociación de Radioaficionados de Venezuela
le está invitando a una reunión de Zoom programada
Tema: Proyecto Bouvet 2023 al Dia

Fecha: Sabado, 10 Diciembre 2022
Hora: 10:00 amYV (14:00 UTC)
Invitado: Jose «OTIS» Vicens NP4G

Unirse a la reunión

ID de reunión: 849 6055 4535
Código de acceso: 73DX599

Nota: Para ser admitido en el salón de la reunión virtual, debe estar identificado con el indicativo, nombre y apellido; de lo contrario, quedará en sala de espera.
Gracias por su colaboración.

FT/W, Crozet Island 2022

Esta es la información más reciente hasta la fecha, tras la firma del convenio con el TAAF:

12 de diciembre: carga de mercancías, embarque de pasajeros (primera hora de la tarde) en el Marion Dufresne y salida hacia Tromelin al final del día.

16 de diciembre: regreso a las cercanías de Reunión, transporte en helicóptero de los agentes que regresan de Tromelin y salida hacia Crozet. No se me permitirá bajar del barco en Tromelin.

Llegada prevista a Crozet alrededor del 20 de diciembre. Inicio de transmisiones.

26 de enero, fin de las transmisiones. Estoy autorizado a transmitir en HF durante 3 semanas solo entre el 20 de diciembre y el 26 de enero. Además, todos los días se neutralizarán al menos 5 horas (sin transmisiones) para permitir que el Poles Institute (IPEV) realice una medición.

Sin restricción para el tráfico QO-100, posibilidad de tráfico durante toda la estancia en la base.

Salida de Crozet alrededor del 25 de marzo.

Pasaje a Kerguelen Is. y luego a Amsterdam Is. para el abastecimiento de las bases. No se me permitirá bajar del barco, así que no habrá emisiones.

Regreso a Francia en mayo.

Como puedes leer arriba, lamentablemente se trata de modificaciones significativas en particular para la parte de HF y lejos de la autorización inicial otorgada por el Prefecto Giusti.

Indicativo y frecuencias.

Solo la información proporcionada en la web Crozet2022, por F6EXV, F8TRT y por supuesto, en la web de Les Nouvelles DX es fiable. (FT1W, etc.) son falsos. No pierdas tu tiempo ni tu dinero. Dada la muy corta duración de mis transmisiones, pretendo favorecer el tráfico en 2 o 3 bandas como máximo para los ATNO. Dependiendo de la mejor banda para W6 elegiré 14 o 18 MHz y 10 MHz por la noche.

Tampoco elegí frecuencias, se verá con los científicos en el sitio, a excepción de FT8 en 10 Mhz donde con el equipo de Bouvet, acordamos que usaría 10.131 Mhz, anoté las subbandas de las estaciones W (novatas) en 14 MHz.

Todo el equipo está trabajando para tener la ventana de transmisión más grande posible, lo que permitiría más tráfico y quizás más ancho de banda. Estoy en contacto con el IPEV, pero a la fecha no tengo información que vaya en dirección a una prórroga.

Lo siento por todo esto, y sé que hay muchos, que estarán buscando a Crozet. Para mí también es una gran frustración permanecer 3 meses allí, con solo 3 semanas de tráfico HF.

Seguimiento del viaje y detalles en la web y en el boletín LNDX de J Michel.

Gracias y buena suerte.

Thierry – F6CUK

Antoine, 3D2AG/P Rotuma DXpedition 2022 #3D2AG/P

Getting ready here to travel to Rotuma Island (OC-051) around 0600 UTC Saturday, for a 48-hour boat journey. Hoping to be operational around the 24th of November, and until the 20th or December. This is a one-man operation, combining QRL and DX. I hope to be QRV from 160m to 6m, although focus will be on higher bands (15m, 12m, 10m) on CW, SSB, RTTY and some FT8. It would take some significant time and effort to set up the 160m antenna, so I will first monitor the band to see if there is any activity.

Equipment will be the IC-7300 and IC-706MKIIG, with an ACOM 600S linear (max 650W). Most of my FT8 operation on higher bands will be using 100W and solar power; a 3KVA generator and QRO 600W will be used on lower bands FT8 and CW/SSB/RTTY on all bands including 6m.

Antennas will consist of the following:

160: 18m high inverted-L

80 / 40m: Home-made OCFD inverted-V at 15m height.

30m / 60m: Monoband inverted-Vs

20m-17m-15m-12m-10m: Spiderbeam

6m: 5-el Cushcraft A50-5S yagi (extended boom version).

On CW I will usually be on the lower portion of the band, unless when the band is open to the USA I will try to be on the general class portion, unless the QRM is too high.

Tentative CW/SSB QRGs:

160m: 1822.5 KHz

80m: 3502 KHz / 3792 KHz

60m: 5359 KHz

40m: 7002 KHz / 7152 KHz

30m: 10107 KHz

20m: 14002 KHz / 14030 KHz / 14260 KHz

17m: 18072 KHz / 18152 KHz

15m: 21002 KHz / 21030 KHz / 21260 KHz

12m: 24902 KHz / 24952 KHz

10m: 28002 KHz / 28030 KHz / 28352 KHz

6m: 50.102 KHz / 50115 KHz

FT8 Operation will be using MSHV 2.68 Multistream; fully compatible with both F/H and normal FT8 mode. If possible, to save time please call with a report and not grid. On 160m I will mostly use JTDX on normal mode as signals are usually very weak.

Usually I will start on a normal FT8 QRG, and once a pileup builds up, will QSY to the nominated out-of-band QRGs:

160m: 1836 KHz

80m: 3576 KHz

60m: 5357 KHz

40m: 7056 KHz

30m: 10131 KHz

20m: 14080 KHz

17m: 18095 KHz

15m: 21080 KHz

12m: 24911 KHz

10m: 28080 KHz

6m: 50.323 KHz

Please note that there will be NO internet in Rotuma and I will not be able to entertain sked requests, read any emails, cluster posts or social media apps and there will be no real-time online log. Logs will be uploaded to ClubLog after my return to Fiji. Pending QSls (there are still lots of them, apologies) will also be dealt with on my return.

During this trip my first task will be to lay some flowers on the grave of my dear son Rehanisi, who left us so unexpectedly and cruelly on the 9th of January 2020. Thank you to all who have sent condolences, messages of support and helping words; each of these is most sincerely appreciated.

This upcoming operation will be partly supported by the German DX Foundation and the Clipperton DX Club, and they are both sincerely thanked for their sponsorship.

Looking forward to work you on the bands and VY 73,

Antoine 3D2AG

Charla de Otis NP4G sobre la Próxima expedición 3Y0J

La charla “3Y0J – Bouvet Island 2023” impartida por José Vicens “Otis” NP4G, y que fue programada para el pasado miércoles 9 de noviembre, no se pudo llevar a cabo finalmente por causas técnicas.

Lamentamos este incidente y os pedimos disculpas.

Afortunadamente ha podido ser reprogramada para el próximo domingo 13 de noviembre a la misma hora: 18:30 UTC (19:30 CEST) y se transmitirá igualmente por el canal YouTube de URE: